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How to use:
  • Find a suitable outdoor location for placing your Digester, preferably a flat area, with loose soil, where rain water does not accumulate.

  • Dig  a shallow pit of 5 cms depth & 45 cms diameter in the soil. Place the Digester into pit. Cover the sides with soil.

  •  Add 4 handfuls of Kapigro Compost Booster into the digester. You can now start putting daily organic kitchen waste into it. Maximum of 1.5Kg/day.

  • Do NOT add any liquid items in to Digester.

  • Add 4 handful of Kapigro Compost Booster into the Digester twice every week.

  • After 12 months you can now start collecting the organic manure from the Digester by opening compost collecting lid located at the bottom right side . 

  • Collect compost in small quantity in frequent intervals and use this compost directly into soil for plants. This manure is rich in Carbon,Nitrogen etc which stimulates plant growth.